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Ashley is currently completing her studies at the University of Auckland to obtain a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in finance.


Prior to joining Rainey Law as a law clerk in 2017, Ashley worked at one of New Zealand’s largest banks for over two years, where she was part of their credit restructuring team. Her role involved negotiating with clients to resolve credit issues, minimising and mitigating credit risks and providing solutions to clients’ credit problems.


Ashley is an avid volunteer and contributor to the University of Auckland’s Equal Justice Project, which is a student-run, pro-bono law initiative.  Ashley works as part of the EJP’s communications team and has authored a number of articles that have been published as part of its initiative to encourage conversation of the law’s role in promoting social justice.


In pursuit of her legal career, Ashley has a dedicated interest in litigation and combining her skills in finance to issues that arise in law, with a keen focus on commercial litigation.  She looks forward to applying her skills attained from law school in practice.

difficulties mastered are opportunities won.

– Winston Churchill

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